The Legal Stuff

The NCSS has adopted policies on Social Media, Transport, Use of Images, Data Protection, Use of emails and texts, Conflict of Interest and Safeguarding. All of which can be viewed below.

Direct Applying School Teams

According to ISF regulations, schools can be part of ISF-organised events by
registering through NCSS, or as Directly Applying Schools. To be clear, only school teams can enter these events, as entries by individuals are not permitted.
If interested schools register through NCSS, they shall have all the support from us during the whole process, making sure that all regulations, safeguarding-related and others, are being complied.
By contrast, if schools decide to register to ISF-events as Directly Applying Schools, they will have to comply with all the relevant regulations involving the event, as well as be liable if any risk materialises. NCSS cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any direct applying school team.
We invite every school in the country to get involved and participate in ISF events through NCSS.