Inclusive Events

Educational Games,Athens

This is annual inclusive event held in Olympia and Athens celebrating the spirit of the Olympic Games. Athletes learn the history of the Olympics and compete together in mixed teams, playing a range of sports. We tour the key Olympic sites and in ancient Olympia we run in the ancient stadium.  All athletes receive olive wreaths – the original gold medal, but unlike the ancient competitors, modern athletes are allowed to wear clothes! We attend and lead workshops in the International Olympic Academy. In Athens we tour the Panathenaic stadium and the Parthenon.  In 2016 we were present at the celebrations when the Olympic flame was handed to Brazil and we would have been present in 2020 for the Tokyo celebration but the pandemic intervened. England can take up to four schools, 2 mainstream and two special schools.

Inclusive Games

A new event for ISF held in conjunction with the Portuguese Paralympic Committee.  There are competitions in Athletics, Bocca and Goalball.  Alongside the sport there is an international seminar on Inclusive Sport